Adventures in Seed Saving

Adventures in Seed Saving is a series of comics that my friend and seed farmer Quin Shakra and I are slowly making in hopes of further popularizing the fun, rewarding, and essential activity of saving seeds.

Seed saving is the process of letting a plant live through its entire life cycle and then collecting the seeds it makes and storing them to plant them again in the future. It is beautiful and tactilely satisfying work that lets us preserve plant varieties that are important to us. It also helps us gradually adapt plants to our specific and ever more chaotic environments.

Adventures in Seed Saving #2 - Tomato

2022, 8 pages

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Adventures in Seed Saving #1 - Squash

originally released in 2018 and revised in 2022, 8 pages

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Positively reviewed on greatsquash.com - "I have a copy and can't recommend it highly enough. It's wonderfully drawn, technically accurate, educational for people of all ages, and would make a great guiding text for a kid's homeschool project."